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Root Canal in Scarsdale

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Root canal therapy in Scarsdale

Root canal in Scarsdale
Root canal in Scarsdale

Do you have a tooth that is extremely painful, or that becomes painful when you eat something that is hot or cold? In either of these cases, you may have a tooth which has damaged or infected pulp in its interior. If this is the case, you should visit us at Dr. Donald Salomon and Dr. Joseph Esposito for diagnosis and treatment, which may include a root canal in Scarsdale.

If you have a tooth with infected pulp, it will never get better by itself. When a tooth needs to have a root canal treatment it will eventually fall out if treatment is not provided. However, if you do get a root canal treatment to save the life of the tooth, it is good to know that root canal treatments are effective in over 90% of cases. Our dentists, Dr. Donald Salomon or Dr. Joseph Esposito, will assess your individual situation and let you know the exact cause of your tooth pain. Should it be determined that you need to have a root canal treatment, you can receive that treatment at our office while you remain in total comfort. Getting a root canal treatment will most likely save your tooth and keep you from needing to get any dental implants or bridges to replace the tooth. During a root canal treatment, the infected or damaged tooth pulp is removed, and the root canal system and tooth are thoroughly cleaned and sealed. You will remain completely comfortable during this treatment due to our use of modern dental anesthesia as well as state-of-the-art technology and dental techniques. However, the sooner this treatment is performed the more likely it is to be successful. So if you are experiencing tooth pain and think you may need a root canal in Scarsdale, the sooner you come in to see one of our dentist the more likely it is that your tooth will be saved.

For an appointment to see one of our top-notch dentists regarding getting a complete diagnosis for your tooth pain, and providing a root canal in Scarsdale if necessary, contact us today.

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