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Pediatric dental decay in Scarsdale

Scarsdale Family Dentist
Scarsdale Family Dentist

Are you looking for a top-notch dentist will be able to provide your entire family with expert dental care? At our practice we are very happy to have two expert family dentists. They are Dr. Donald Salomon and Dr. Joseph Esposito. We are always happy to see our younger patients, and our dentist is able to help them develop fewer cavities. Our Scarsdale family dentist also knows the importance of making sure that children have a fun and stress free time at our dental office; you can be assured that your child will have a relaxing time when he or she visits with us.

Children are very prone to getting cavities in the early years. This is due to several different reasons. To begin with, children’s teeth can be prone to getting cavities due to their structure. This is because a child’s tooth may have many grooves in it, which means that dental plaque and bacteria can easily take hold. Additionally, since young children are not very good at brushing their teeth, it contributes to their cavity development. And finally, since children like to eat a lot of sweets, the carbs in the foods mix with saliva to develop an enamel-destroying substance which causes cavities. Our Scarsdale family dentist will be able to help educate your child about how to effectively brush and floss his or her own teeth. We also leave ample time at the end of each child’s dental appointment so that parents can ask any questions they may have regarding their child’s dental health.

At our practice, our dentist will also be able to provide your child with different preventive ways to help keep them from experiencing tooth decay. Children are able to get fluoride treatments which will strengthen their tooth enamel. This will make it more difficult for any substances to cause cavities in their teeth. Additionally, children are encouraged to get dental sealants on the chewing services of their back teeth. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are actually painted onto the child’s teeth. The dental sealants fill in the small pits and grooves that are on the teeth, and will help keep food and any cavity-causing materials away from their teeth. Children should get dental sealants on their permanent molars as soon as they come in. Sealants along with brushing and forcing, and regular dental checkups, all help defend your child’s teeth against cavities. For appointment for your child to visit our Scarsdale family dentist, contact us today.

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