Scarsdale family dentist

Scarsdale Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Scarsdale

Scarsdale family dentist
Scarsdale family dentist

At various stages of life, there are specific needs when it comes to your teeth and gums and keeping them in an optimal state of health. At the office of Dr. Donald Salomon and Dr. Joseph Esposito, you can expect our dental care for all ages to be tailored to the requirements of you, and your child and/or teen.

Healthy habits and routines lead to strong, cavity-free teeth and vibrant, pink gums. And a key habit is coming in to see our Scarsdale family dentist two times per year for an examination and teeth cleaning. For young children, these first experiences set the tone for how he or she is going to feel about dental care later on in life. We want those experiences to be positive ones. Our office environment is fun and welcoming. Our staff is friendly and patient. And our Scarsdale family dentist is committed to gentle treatment. As your child grows, primary teeth begin falling out, and permanent teeth start growing in. Managing that transition is essential for your her or his well-being. The teen years may require teeth repositioning, and if so, our office proudly offers Invisalign, which does the job of metal braces while giving your child a visually undetectable and more comfortable alternative. One thing that benefits our patients of all ages equally is our digital x-rays. They expose you and your child to far less radiation than traditional ones do. You can also get restorations, including same day crowns, bridges, and dentures. State-of-the-art implants are done with expert care. And from root canals to extractions to cosmetic procedures and periodontal treatment, our commitment to you and your family is total and complete.

Why not schedule a visit with our Scarsdale family dentist right now, while it’s on your mind? Whether for routine care, or to address an existing problem, we’re here to help.

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