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Dental Fillings in Scarsdale

Scarsdale General Dentist
Scarsdale General Dentist

Have you decided that you would like to visit a cosmetic dentist so you can see what changes can be made to your smile? Perhaps you have been considering getting porcelain laminates, also known as dental veneers. Or perhaps you want to replace some of your silver fillings with tooth-colored fillings. We are happy to offer tooth-colored fillings which are much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional silver fillings. When you would like to meet with our Scarsdale general dentist, who offers many cosmetic dental services, you will want to visit us at our dental practice, Dr. Donald Salomon and Dr. Joseph Esposito.

At our dental practice we have two expert and highly regarded dentists who are both well-respected and well-liked by our patients. Dr. Solomon has been providing exemplary care, especially in the areas of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, since 1985. Dr. Esposito is also a top-notch dentist who has been providing the highest level of dental care since 2003. When you need a Scarsdale general dentist you can do no better than to come to our dental practice for outstanding dental care. At our practice we are very happy to be able to offer porcelain laminates for our patients who have cosmetic smile problems. Porcelain laminates are thin shells that are made to permanently cover the front part of a patient’s teeth. The porcelain veneers do not strengthen the tooth so they can only be used to solve cosmetic smile problems. However, they are extremely effective in this regard! Porcelain laminates are used improve the appearance of: teeth that are too short; teeth that are slightly misaligned; teeth that are chipped; teeth that have surface cracks in the enamel; teeth that are misshapen; teeth that have uneven gaps between them and teeth with many other purely cosmetic smile problems.

At our dental practice we also offer tooth-colored fillings for our patients who want to get fillings that are more aesthetically pleasing. We also offer traditional silver amalgam fillings. Our dentist will recommend which type of filling to use based on the size and location of the cavity. If a cavity is in a tooth that often shows when you smile and talk, a tooth-colored filling will almost always be recommended. If the cavity is in a back molar on the flat chewing service, it is most likely that a silver amalgam filling will be recommended. Our dentist will be happy to discuss the differences with you so that you can be involved in making the decision of which type of filling material to use. If you would like an appointment to see our Scarsdale general dentist, contact us today.

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