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Emergency dentist in White Plains

Among the emergencies that we address here at the office of Dr. Donald Salomon and Dr. Joseph Esposito, toothaches are common. There are various reasons why you would have pain in your tooth, but what matters most is making it go away as quickly as possible. That’s what our White Plains dentist will do.

TMJ disorder, a condition that affects your jaws; and advanced gum disease are sometimes known to cause toothaches, but the vast majority of cases occur because the protective layers of your tooth, which ordinarily act as barriers to keep your nerve and pulp shielded, have been breached. The exposure of your nerve is why many toothaches occur. There is a bigger concern, though, and that is when bacteria, now freed to find their way inside your tooth, do so and lead to inflammation or infection. Such a toothache is likely to be considerably more severe than one in which the nerve is merely exposed to the elements. In fact, they can become excruciating. Our White Plains dentist will examine your tooth and take x-rays in order to diagnose the reason for the toothache. Depending on the determination, there are three basic types of treatment. First is a filling, which is used when you have a cavity or you have lost an existing filling. The second is a crown, needed when your tooth has been chipped or fractured. It is necessary to restore the tooth to its full strength and to cover the open space that the damage has left. And if an infection has been sustained in your pulp, our White Plains dentist will need to perform root canal to save the tooth from extraction. Fortunately, success is achieved in about 90% of these procedures and modern techniques and equipment make sure you are comfortable during the process.

We’re here for all your dental emergencies, so contact us immediately when you have a toothache or some other urgent matter.

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