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Dental trauma in White Plains

Our practice provides the complete range of restorative, general, cosmetic and implant dentistry. If there is a dental emergency our White Plains emergency dentist practice of Drs. Donald Salomon and Joseph Esposito is available to respond to it. There are several dental traumas that our practice handles. Often an infected tooth and roots are an emergency situation, especially if there is a great deal of pain involved or an abscess has formed. Other emergencies deal with trauma or injury to a tooth.

Often a dental emergency involves traumatic injuries to teeth. As a result of some sort of blow to the mouth or injury teeth may become dislodged, pushed partially out of their socket. Our White Plains emergency dentist will reposition the tooth in the socket and stabilize it. If the pulp or root of the tooth is intact the tooth will heal itself. If the pulp is damaged or infected a root canal treatment may be necessary to clean out the damaged pulp. Another emergency injury is when a tooth is completely knocked out or avulsed. If this should happen keep the tooth moist by placing it back in the socket if possible, or if not by placing it in milk or water. Our doctor will treat the tooth and place it back in the socket, the treatment depends on how long it has been detached and the condition it is in.

Another dental emergency involves teeth that are cracked or fractured. A crack or fracture can occur as a result of a sudden trauma but is usually the result of many years or even decades of clenching and grinding of teeth, which can cause a crack in the hard outer layer of the tooth. These fractures are sometimes very difficult to find and may eventually cause pain, difficulty chewing and thermal sensitivity. Whenever you feel pain or sensitivity in your teeth or experience a trauma to the mouth call our White Plains emergency dentist as soon as possible.

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