Wisdom teeth removal Greenville NY

Wisdom Teeth Removal Greenville NY

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Teeth extractions in Greenville NY

Wisdom teeth removal Greenville NY
Wisdom teeth removal Greenville NY

If you need to have a painful wisdom tooth removed, you should visit us at our dental practice, Dr. Donald Salomon and Dr. Joseph Esposito. At our office, you can have wisdom teeth removal Greenville NY performed, as well as other tooth extractions, when necessary.

When you come to our dental practice with a painful tooth, you will be seen by one of our top-notch dentists, either Dr. Joseph Esposito or Dr. Donald Salomon. Our dentist will carefully assess your tooth problem and determine the exact cause of your tooth pain. If your tooth pain is being caused by a wisdom tooth, this is a very common occurrence. This is because wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt, and there often is no space left in the mouth for this to occur. As a result, wisdom teeth encounter many different types of problems at this point. Some wisdom teeth become impacted underneath the jawbone; other wisdom teeth attempt to come in, but end up coming in sideways. Still other wisdom teeth end up erupting but push other permanent teeth out of position. Still, some teeth start to erupt, but then stop halfway, leaving a gap between the teeth and the gums. This becomes a perfect place for materials to gather and infection to form. In most if not all of these cases, you will most likely be advised to have wisdom teeth removal Greenville NY. At our dental practice, we can provide you with simple and surgical extractions. We use nitrous oxide along with oral sedation; sometimes oral sedation is simply used by itself. When wisdom teeth are extracted, they generally are not replaced with dental implants. However, there are many times that other teeth need to be extracted and dental implants are the perfect tooth replacement solution

When you need to have wisdom teeth removal Greenville NY, contact our office. We can also replace extracted missing teeth with dental implants, when desired.

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